Air Maintenance Training Systems

Maintenance Training for Optimum Performance

U.S. and allied commands have employed Kratos training solutions to assure their rotor craft and fixed wing training systems perform optimally and are ready to meet mission requirements at all times. Kratos solutions have been instrumental in helping soldiers and technicians master maintenance skills ranging from avionics and electronics to power plant and hydraulics. Companies including Boeing, Lockheed Martin (formerly Sikorsky) and Bell, among others, have turned to Kratos for maintenance training.

Utilizing a cost-effective blend of simulation-based modeling and replicated physical controls, Kratos’ full and part task maintenance training devices uniquely blend virtual and real worlds into immersive learning environments that effectively guide students through the training continuum. Kratos MTS imbue students with maintenance skills including functional testing, system familiarization, fault isolation and troubleshooting, along with installation and removal of components for avionics and airframe systems.

UH-60 Black Hawk Remove and Replace Trainer
UH-60 Black Hawk Avionics Trainer (BHAT-M)
UH-60 Black Hawk Avionics Wiring Systems Trainer
UH-60 Black Hawk Landing Gear Trainer
UH-60 Black Hawk Aviation Basic Electronics Trainer (ABET)
UH-60 Black Hawk Rotor Brake Trainer
UH-60 Black Hawk Stabilator Trainer
CMWS Maintenance Trainer Apache (CMT-A)
CH-47D Common Missile Warning Systems Maintenance Trainer
CH-47F Chinook Avionics Trainer
CH47F CAT rev5
CH-47F MBRAT (Maintenance Reconfigurable Aviation Trainer)
CH-53K Composite Maintenance Trainer (CMT)

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