Aircrew Training Systems

Aircrew training from Kratos prepares aircrews to anticipate, recognize and react to threats in a tactical environment. Skills, procedures and processes learned in the classroom and labs are practiced and honed in advanced simulators. Key pilot considerations including crew communications management, tactical formation considerations and weapons management are stressed.

Aircrew Training is also available in the Kratos Aircrew Training Center (KATC) for those occasions when budget or time constraints prevent acquisition and ownership of a simulator. KATC aircrew training systems offer aircrew trainees a realistic and immersive environment in which they can experience a broad range of scenarios and environmental conditions that they may encounter during live operations.

Kratos offers customizable turnkey training programs on light to heavy lift platforms in operational areas such as: Crew Coordination, Aerial Gunnery, Rescue Hoist Operations, Cargo/Sling Operations and Combat Mission Training.

Aircrew Combat Mission Training (ACMT)

Kratos’ Aircrew Combat Mission Training (ACMT) is a complete turn-key solution that enables aircrew students to train in an actual aircraft equipped with simulated weapons. Enclosed in a Kratos mixed reality “holodeck,” a fully-immersive, mixed reality environment, the entire aircrew can simultaneously train in blended virtual and real environments. This creates an environment in which aircrews engage in scenario-driven ACMT training events, such as air interdiction, aerial combat and close air support, among others. The accompanying mixed reality Ground Party Holodeck can be networked with the MP-AVET to allow JTACs, Forward Observers, Fire Teams, and Combat Controllers to seamlessly join the collective training mission and train with their air support just as they would engage with them in real life.

SP-AGT Single Position-Aerial Gunner Trainer
CH-53E Marine Common Aircrew Trainer (MCAT)
UH-60 Medical Suite Trainer
UH-60 Black Hawk Static Hoist Trainer
UH-60L Black Hawk Interactive Multimedia Instructions (IMI)

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