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High Performance Computing for Aerosciences Applications

Kratos Aerosciences specializes in customized High-Performance Computing (HPC) software development and application-focused upon fixed-wing, rotorcraft, missiles, spacecraft and hypersonic vehicles. Our approach is to leverage government-source/government-domain Modeling and Simulation (M&S) toolsets, and to, adapt, combine, and customize these using modern software programming practices, providing our customers the right tools for the right job at the right time. We utilize and upgrade accepted government-source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, as well as develop new scientific computing models as needed, to support the growing needs of our customers. We are considered subject matter experts in the application of M&S to high-speed aerodynamic and aerothermal analyses and have supported major programs in both government and private industry.

Hypersonic and High Speed Vehicles Aerothermal M&S

Kratos Aerosciences supports the development and testing of high speed and hypersonic vehicles using a comprehensive suite of government-domain and industry-standard M&S tools to perform transient, trajectory-based aerodynamic, aerothermal, and structural analyses. Kratos has developed and is continually upgrading and improving a Transient Thermal Analysis Software (TTAS) toolset that has been developed from a combination of new and existing open-source and government developed software tools. This toolset has been assembled by coupling the very capable thermal protection system model, the Aeroheating and Thermal Analysis Code (ATAC), with flow fields generated using a variety of industry-standard Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes, and a new, highly-efficient, parallel, transient, three-dimensional, multi-material conductive and surface-to-surface radiation heat transfer model. This government-source and very capable tool has been developed under support from the Hypersonic T&E Investment Program (HyTIP), as well as the High-Speed System Test (HSST) office, and has been applied and verified to both unclassified and classified flight tests.

Specialized Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling

Our highly experienced staff routinely customizes, specializes and applies accepted government-domain CFD models to address the very demanding problems of our customers. This includes activities such as, performing highly-resolved, Detached Eddy Simulation/Large Eddy Simulation (DES/LES) modeling for aero-acoustic and aero-optical applications, generating large aerodynamic databases for domestic and foreign missile systems using inviscid and Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) models, and performing complex aero-thermodynamic calculations of hypersonic vehicles. We have routinely added complex physical models and advanced algorithms to these CFD codes as needed, to support our customers in the government and private industry.

Government and Private Industry T&E Support

Kratos Aerosciences continues to support a wide range of government agencies, as well as private industry, through our specialized and adaptive M&S capability as noted above. We are considered the industry leader in providing TTAS for hypersonic and high speed vehicles, and have supported many different flight test programs, such as: Wide-Body Airborne Sensor Platform (WASP), Airborne Aero-Optical Laboratory (AAOL), Airborne Aero-Optical Laboratory-Transonic (AAOL-T), Aero-Adaptive Aero-Optic Beam Control (ABC), and classified hypersonic and high speed vehicles programs.

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