Comprehensive, Integrated Flight Controller

Integrated Flight Controller

The Integrated Flight Controller (IFC) controls the entire flight functionality and maneuverability of the BQM-167 subsonic aerial target platform. The IFC accepts commands from a ground control system (such as GRDCS, SNTC, or TTCS), inputs current vehicle operating parameters from onboard sensors, and outputs control signals to the vehicle for flight control. The IFC supports multiple high performance maneuvers, such as barrel rolls, high G turns, and low altitude operation.

The IFC Message Processor contains the datalink encode/decode and autopilot functions. These two functions are performed by a single high performance PowerPC processor. The IFC provides autonomous control functions to assure safe operation of the aircraft in the event of command datalink loss. This includes recovery to stable flight conditions, while performing commanded maneuvers, and control for escape maneuvers of individual drones under all flight conditions.

The IFC communicates with a Command Data Link Transponder via EIA RS-485 serial interfaces. It receives uplink commands from the ground control station and outputs control signals to the UAV. The IFC also transmits downlink telemetry information (UAV performance information) to the ground control station.

The IFC Message Processor also communicates with the attitude sensor package (ASP) via EIA RS-485 at a 100 Hz rate. It gathers heading, pitch angle, roll angle, pitch rate, roll rate, and yaw rate. It also communicates to the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) via an EIA RS-422 serial umbilical interface. This interface is used to load initialization parameters and flight information into the IFC. The interface is also used to connect to the Multi-Platform Vehicle Test Set (MPVTS).


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