HF Antennas

HF Antenna

Kratos provides the backbone of major High Frequency (HF) communications systems with innovative engineering and high-quality solutions that perform for decades to meet our customers’ HF needs.

Kratos now manufactures the complete range of Andrew/GRANGER HF Antennas. These include fixed, transportable, and rotatable log-periodic antennas, conical monopoles, broadband dipoles, and multi-mode SPIRA-CONE® antennas.

From broadband dipoles, fixed and rotatable log-periodic antennas, to multi-mode SPIRA-CONES®, Kratos has COTS products for a wide range of our customers’ communication needs including:

  • Short-range (ground-wave)
  • Medium- to long-range (sky-wave)
  • Area broadcast
  • Point-to-point
  • Ground-to-air
  • Ship-to-shore
Fixed Directional
Fixed Directional HF Antennas

Kratos offers high performance in lightweight, easy-to-erect configurations, providing high gain and directivity with proven reliability.

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Omnidirectional HF Antennas

Kratos offers broadband dipoles, monocones, and horizontal-elliptically polarized antennas. They are designed for medium to long distance operations.

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Rotatable Directionable
Rotatable Directionable HF Antennas

Kratos offers log-periodic antennas constructed with wire radiators supported by a strong and unusually lightweight support structure.

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