Ultra Wideband Recorder (UWR)

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Ultra Wideband Recorder (UWR)

Ultra Wideband Recorder provides RF Recording and Playback for instantaneous bandwidths up to 4 GHz across any frequency band(s).  The system enables cost efficient testing of wideband RF systems for SatCom or other applications and data collection for EW applications across a wide band of RF spectrum.


The Ultra Wide-Band Recorder (UWR) simplifies satellite integration and factory test workflow through a high fidelity recording and playback capability that can be customized for any frequency band(s). It conveniently tests a satellite’s compatibility with a ground system prior to launch, avoiding the effort of moving the satellite asset.

UWR provides a TRL-9 ultra-wideband RF recording and playback capability that can be customized for multiple frequency band(s). The system can record and playback at 12 Gsamples/sec (a capability of up to 4 GHz RF Spectrum). The baseline system contains 64 TB of storage which provides up to 90 minutes of record time. Both RF data backup and storage can occur at the ground site to protect against hardware or network issues, with additional storage capacity available.

Delivering high fidelity recording of RF data for offline analysis, it can additionally playback data at any frequency range that the system is able to record. For example, a signal recorded at V-band could be played back at Ka-band.


  • Up to 4+ GHz of Instantaneous RF Data Capture, Storage and Playback
  • 12 G samples/sec
  • 64 TB storage capacity (90 minutes)
  • Expandable
  • TRL-9 Maturity
  • Built on legacy Kratos recording architecture
  • Customizable front end for support of customer specific RF frequencies
  • Transportable or rackmounted


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