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Satellite and Antenna

quantumRadio provides the signal processing functions required for space-ground communication. Designed for small satellite programs, it is a virtual solution that can be loaded on a bare-metal machine or directly to the cloud.


Leveraging new software technology and innovative approaches specifically designed to match the requirements, schedules, and budgets of quick turn, small spacecraft programs, a simple Internet connection allows access and control from anywhere, with no client software to install or maintain.

quantumRadio delivers the typical signal processing functions required for small satellite space-ground communication, including modulation, demodulation, error correction, and up/down frequency conversion. It supports a wide range of tunable uplink/downlink frequency bands at low to high data rates and has been pre-tested with a wide range of common space radios.


  • Supports cubesats, nanosats, microsats, and smallsats
  • Compatibility tested with most widely used space radios
  • Built-in test functions reduce Integration and Test (I&T) effort
  • Configurable as mission requirements change or as new missions come online
  • Standard TCP/IP, GEMS, REST, CTX (Cortex-like), and VITA-49 interfaces
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