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Optimizing Operations with Unified Management

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Unified Monitoring and Analytics

  • Unify management across ground station in single product
  • Monitor and control RF equipment, track health of IP networks and assure RF signal quality
  • Troubleshoot faster by correlating analytics across the ground
  • Integrate and automate operations with REST APIs
  • Store data in a common database using a unified structure
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Streamline Network Operations and Improve Staff Productivity

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  • Manage alarms across IP networks, spectrum, and RF equipment in a single product
  • Avoid time consuming alarm storms with color coded alarms based on severity
  • Turn tens of thousands of alarms into a limited number of actionable ones
  • Find identified issues faster with powerful search and filter capabilities
  • Create highly visual schematics to map out signal flow with a Visio like tool

Scale to manage growing infrastructure, services and SLAs

  • Grow from a small network to manage hundreds of thousands of devices and services
  • Fully monitor and control any device from any vendor, regardless of the interface or protocol
  • Gain visibility and service transparency from source to destination across satellite and IP networks
  • Keep track of service health & SLAs in real-time to minimize financial penalties
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Automate to Save Time and Increase Operational Efficiency

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  • Save time by creating rules to automate manual tasks
  • Optimize productivity by easily developing workflows to handle growth
  • Reduce outages from minutes to seconds with automated recovery
  • Create automation scripts with customer's language of choice

Ensure Health and Uptime for Mission-Critical Networks

  • Monitor and manage faults and failures on devices to reduce costly downtime
  • Gain network visibility with an easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Connect to any device and manage any network
  • Reduce the Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR) by identifying the root cause of device issues faster
  • Centralize management of remote sites


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