Defense & Rocket Support Services

Defense & Rocket Support Services

Solutions for Evolving Mission Objectives

Kratos provides a full spectrum of solutions for complex C5ISR, engineering, and operational requirements and military weapon systems. We have years of experience in logistics, engineering, and target operations support, as well as international programs, rocket program services, technology initiatives, and advanced weapon system research and engineering. Our in-depth understanding of our client missions, in conjunction with the strategic location of our employees, enables us to offer cost effective solutions tailored to our clients' specific requirements and consistent with their evolving mission objectives.

We have experience with sophisticated weapons systems, and we provide engineering and technical support to such strategic customers as AMCOM, PEO STRI, PEO Aviation, SMDC/ARSTRAT, PEO Missiles and Space, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), WSMR, NUWC Keyport, USMC, and the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center. In addition, we provide Foreign Military Sales (FMS) to a number of international government clients. We develop program requirements, support implementation of acquisitions programs, and work with field activities in developing and testing new systems.

Many of our professionals work onsite supporting critical DoD program initiatives. Because of our long-term involvement, we provide the organizational knowledge and continuity for many programs. Kratos engineers and analysts play a critical role in providing program synergy and reducing the impact on programs during the rotation of military and civilian personnel. Many of our services are provided within the framework of the internationally-recognized ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.


Advanced Concept Demonstration and Test
Logistics System Sustainment

Kratos provides a full spectrum of critical sustainment, engineering, and systems analyses; integrated logistics support (ILS); fabrication; and manufacturing capabilities.

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Aerosciences Test and Evaluation (T&E) Support and Analysis

Kratos provides expertise in the research, design, and development of aircraft, missiles, guidance, propulsion units, space craft, and a number of related systems and system parts.

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Engineering, Design, & Analysis
Engineering Design and Analysis

Kratos provides engineering, design, analysis, and integration support services that include complex system and subsystem development and full lifecycle support.

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Enterprise Services & Data Center Support
Integration Test Analysis

Kratos provides operational and integration expertise in operations, tests, analyses, and training in a number of comprehensive, widely distributed experimental weapons systems.

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Acquisition & Program Management
Acquisition & Management Support

Kratos provides a broad spectrum of program management and acquisition support services supporting program, division, and agency leadership.

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Rapid Launch Vehicles and Targets
Rapid Launch Vehicles And Targets

Kratos provides all technical and logistical support that may be required for the operations of ranges and targets pre-launch, launch, and post-flight.

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Rapid Launch Vehicles & Targets

Vehicle B
ARAV Vehicle B

The Vehicle B consists of a two-stage spin-stabilized system, which utilizes a surplus military Terrier MK12 or MK70 for the first stage booster and an Oriole GEM-22 for the second stage.

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Vehicle C
ARAV Vehicle C

The Vehicle C consists of a two-stage spin-stabilized system which utilizes a surplus military Talos MK11 for the first stage booster and a Castor IA for the second stage.

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Vehicle TTO
ARAV Vehicle TTO

The Vehicle TTO consists of a three-stage spin-stabilized system, which utilizes a surplus military Terrier M70 for the first stage booster, a second Terrier MK-70 for the second stage, and an Oriole GEM-22 for the third stage.

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ARAV Aethon

AETHON serves as a demonstrator for C5ISR, sensory, and radar mission solutions by providing persistent payload delivery.

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