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Leveraging the years of experience designing and deploying numerous ground systems for leading satellite operators, Kratos created a purely software implementation for the digital processing on the ground, quantumFEP.


quantumFEP provides the digital processing and network connectivity needed between the Command & Control (C2)

system and the RF Signal Processing equipment. All of the digital processing functions in a typical small satellite ground system are included - command and telemetry processing, recording, AES COMSEC security, CSSDS processing, packet-level FEC, and network gateway interface support. Monitoring and control can be done using the HTML5 user interface or using the API, REST or GEMS.

The system has been specifically designed to match the requirements, schedules, and budgets of quick turn programs. It is a pure software implementation for signal processing functions, allowing access and control from anywhere through the web. There is no client software to install or maintain.


  • Can be loaded on bare-metal machines, a private cloud, or with cloud provider
  • Suitable for all types of smallsat programs – cubesats, nanosats, microsats, and smallsats
  • Compatibility tested with widely used ground modems
  • Built-in test functions reduce Integration and Test (I&T) effort – ultimately reducing cost
  • Configurable as mission requirements change or as new missions come online
  • Commercial AES encryption/decryption standard feature with built-in AES Key Manager
  • Standard TCP/IP, GEMS, REST and VITA-49 interfaces
Software Front End Processor


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