Products that Leverage Commercial Practices for Mission Success

Kratos employs product development practices that are at home in the high-tech commercial world— such as rapid prototyping, scalability planning and standards-based architectures— to bring both COTS and tailored solutions to government users.

It has made Kratos products leaders in the technology focus areas in which we work. In the Space sector, for example, Kratos ground station products support some 90% of U.S. missions, and also 75% of the world’s commercial satellite operators in more than 3,000 installations in 59 countries. COTS products proven in the market means that the best solutions support the warfighter as well as forming the solid basis for tailored products that meet mission-specific needs in the most demanding, security-conscious government applications.

In addition to its UAV platforms, Kratos develops UAV products that support missions and programs for unmanned air, land and sea applications, including advanced turbines, command & control, communications and more.

And Kratos Microwave Electronics are built to the most rigid requirements for the most demanding environments. In both off-the-shelf and custom-made products, Kratos designs provide top performance at a competitive price and uncompromised quality for military, governmental and commercial applications used in electronic warfare (EW) systems, radars, UAVs, smart munitions, in-flight connectivity and more.

Air UAV Products

Kratos provides high reliability products and systems fully qualified to military standards and designed to operate and survive the extreme environments defined by the mission requirements.

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Space Capabilities

Satellite operators, telecommunications providers, broadcasters, and the military rely on Kratos as their strategic supplier of end-to-end enterprise products.

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Microwave Electronics
Microwave Products

Kratos' Microwave Electronics Division incorporates engineering innovation and excellence with high-quality design and production to deliver special requirements and mission-critical needs.

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