Aethon serves as a demonstrator for C5ISR, sensory, and radar mission solutions by providing persistent payload delivery. These capabilities are made possible through an innovative tether technology, consisting of high power and quick data transfer, which provides power, command, and control to the vehicle. Aethon is a platform agnostic, modular, and mission configurable solution. All aspects of the system are scalable to meet specific mission and payload requirements.


  • Highly efficient, heavy lift motors with triple bearing support for long service life.
  • Dynamically balanced carbon fiber propellers for increased responsiveness.
  • Redundant safety systems, including an independent parachute, rated for max payload, with dual deployment methods.
  • LED anti-collision lights and ADS-B for situational awareness and collision avoidance.
  • 20x zoom, EO/IR stabilized gimbal camera with target tracking. Video feed downlinks securely over tether.
  • Proprietary, high powered tether with GigE fiber optic communication.
  • Active tether management currently configured to 150 meters maximum altitude.
  • Payload and platform agnostic.

Mission Concepts

  • C5 – Mesh radio network provides resiliency and extends range with altitude. High bandwidth data link over tether.
  • SIGINT – Detects UAS C2 and telemetry, Wi-Fi and cellular, and RF-Dark capability for contested environments.
  • ISR – Persistent aerial coverage, multi-spectral imaging, laser designation, and range finding.
  • Elevated Sensor – Extended range and vertical profiling of HPM, CBRNE, meteorological, or other applicable sensors.
  • Radar – Altitude reduces environment obscuration and ground effects, while increasing effective range.
Aethon side view
Aethon top view
Aethon side view
Aethon top view
Aethon full system
Aethon full system

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