CDL Compliance Tester

CDL Compliance Tester

The CWCT is an affordable, high-performance Common Data Link (CDL) compliance waveform tester that offers full support for the standard CDL Waveform specification, with the capability to compliance test CDL terminals.

Designed to test all types of standard CDL terminals, the CWCT can be configured to act as either a Surface Communications Element (SCE) or a Platform Communications Element (PCE) in its testing. The CWCT supports both cabled and over-the-air testing.

Product Description

CWCT offers compliance testing of all CDL terminal equipment configurations to the STD-CDL Waveform and applicable capstone requirements. Troubleshooting is performed at every stage, including multiplexer structure, frame length, synchronization, randomization, differential encoding, forward error correction, interleaving, spectrum spreading, modulation, frequency conversion, and signal polarization.

Key Features

  • Configurable for SCE and PCE emulation and compliance testing of CDL terminals
  • Automated test software with a graphical user interface and extensive reporting capability


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