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System Training and Follow on Support

Kratos offers on-site, hands-on training to our customers for safe and reliable system integration and operations. We develop full training courses that include detailed training manuals, classroom lectures, one-on-one individualized training, comprehensive user’s manuals, and in-depth technical documentation to properly train technicians at their on-site domestic and/or international locations.

Our skilled engineers, technicians, and technical writers contribute to the development of training material in order to provide a high level of confidence to our customers. The detailed training courses and materials provided by Kratos technicians cover system technical theory of operation (how and why the system works), hardware and software setup procedures, and step-by-step operation instruction. A classroom-style training session is conducted where students can review materials and ask the instructor questions. From there, students are given hands-on opportunities to perform system setups and operations. Training courses typically last a few days to a week, depending on the system complexity, and students each get copies of all materials provided.

Customer service is a number one priority at Kratos, and we ensure our customers receive the proper training needed to effectively support their advanced mission requirements.



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