Sea Surface Vehicle Automation

Kratos has developed a number of vehicle control systems that are easily installed and quickly convert most human-driven seaborne vessels to unmanned systems. We have supported a number of different vehicle installations and Line-Of-Sight remote control missions, controlling single or multiple vehicles from our Command and Control (C2) system. The onboard vehicle control systems are similar to our ground vehicle automation Multi-Platform Applique Kit (M-PAK) in that all vehicle management computers, actuators, and navigation systems are integrated to provide tele-op or semi-autonomous GPS Waypoint Following operation.

Sea Surface Vehicle Automation

High-Speed Maneuvering Surface Target (HSMST)
Sea Surface Vehicle Automation

The Kratos C2 is currently in use and supporting mission operations for the U.S. Navy and Army utilizing the High-Speed Maneuvering Surface Target (HSMST), which was developed in response to a requirement for a 40+ knot target to represent littoral threats encountered by the fleet and which would retain 35 kt capability in advanced sea states.

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