High Mobility Ground Vehicle Target

Kratos offers affordable field-proven off-the-shelf High Mobility Ground Vehicle Targets (HMGVT) solutions for robust high-reliability test, training, and weapon system evaluation missions. HMGVT solutions include retrofitting various vehicles of opportunity with the Kratos Multi-Platform Appliqué Kit (M-PAK) system to enable unmanned operation. M-PAK is a retrofit kit that converts human-driven vehicles into unmanned systems, enabling tele-operational, path following, and autonomous operation through the integration of a Vehicle Control Module (VCM), electromechanical actuators, communications systems, Point of View (POV) cameras, sensors, and hardware installation kits, as needed to support different mission objectives, vehicles, and vehicle roles. Different configurations of M-PAK have been fielded to support HMGVT mission objectives using a variety of different types of vehicles, including HMMWVs, FMTV, commercial cars/trucks/SUVs, Russian T-72 tank, and ATVs. Kratos is dedicated to developing and deploying advanced HMGVT solutions to meet the evolving mission requirements of the Test and Evaluation community with capabilities such as:

  • Operation – High/slow speed (up to 70 mph), various terrains (gravel, improved, unimproved, etc.), day/night
  • Wheeled/Tracked – Retrofit automated vehicles (commercial vehicles, HMMWV, T-72 tank, etc.)
  • Common Control Platforms – Silhouette vehicle representations on an automated platform
  • Multi-Vehicle Missions – Individual vehicle control, formation, and coordinated time of arrival
  • GPS-Denied – Advanced INS and wide-angle video streams
  • Autonomous – Pre-programed path following, system health telemetry, or sensor enabled

Once automated, the HMGVT is then controlled using a robust command and control ground system, enabling the automated vehicle to perform practical locomotion combinations that include forward/reverse, steering left/right, and parking in either tele-operational, path following, or autonomous modes. Advanced capabilities are also available for missions that require GPS-denied, vehicle formation, and convoy operations. To ensure safe operation, there are a number of manual and automated safety systems available, including vehicle-mounted and independent remote E-Stop controllers, as well as automated fault monitoring systems identifying any loss of command, navigation, and obstacle detection conditions.

High Mobility Ground Vehicle Target

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