Unmanned Vehicle Mission Computer

Firejet Launching

The Unmanned Vehicle Mission Computer (UVMC) is a modular high performance Vehicle Management System that provides maximum flexibility for easy integration into multiple vehicle types. It was developed with high-level mission planning functionality and vehicle sensor integration as key feature capabilities.

This is a field-proven system with various configurations utilized on the MQM-178 Firejet and BQM-177 currently in use by the U.S. Military and allied forces worldwide. The UVMC is designed with an advanced parallel processing architecture that utilizes a 760 MIPS main processor for complex autopilot control algorithms and an FPGA based processing module for Input/Output (I/O) vehicle control requirements. This unique architecture utilizes a common inter-module bus structure that allows the core autopilot software to remain separate from the I/O software which offloads I/O functions from the main processor.

The UVMC includes interfaces for external GPS and IMU modules, as well as RS-232/485/422, CAN, HDLC, 10Base100 Ethernet, ITCS, and JTAG. MIL-STD-1553B is also available as an optional upgrade, which includes a removable CompactFlash module to support high speed data recording requirements.

The UVMC has been qualified per MIL-STD-461E (EMI), MIL-STD-810G (Environmental), and MIL-HDBK-781A (Reliability) standrads, making it one of the most capable devices in the industry.


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