Advanced Systems for Battlefield and Communications Dominance

As technologies and threats continue to evolve, Kratos develops and delivers platforms and systems that help assure Warfighters are ready for what’s next, ranging from tactical UAVs that push far beyond the performance levels—and below the costs—of traditional aerospace companies, to training systems that incorporate all forms of mixed reality, slashing training costs while enhancing Warfighter readiness.

After all, technological advance is only part of the challenge. Achieving dominance affordably is also mission critical.

Kratos delivers solutions in its technology focus areas where cross-domain expertise provides the biggest payoff for mission success.

Unmanned Systems
Unmanned Systems

Air and land platforms including advanced tactical and ISR tethered drones.

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Space Systems
Virtualized Ground Station

Traditional and virtual ground systems for assuring protected, reliable communications.

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Training Systems
Mixed Reality Simulation Training Platform

Using the latest augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies delivered at the point of need.

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C5ISR Modular Systems
Command & Control icon

Turn-key modular systems for C5ISR applications that support missile defense, radar, unmanned platforms, shipboard systems and other strategic programs.

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Ballistic Missile Targets
Ballistic Missile Targets

Including readiness assessment vehicles, hypersonic payload launch vehicles and payload deployment modules.

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