Multi-Platform Appliqué Kit (M-PAK)

The Kratos Multi-Platform Appliqué Kit (M-PAK) is the next generation of Ground Vehicle automation. The system can be used to quickly and easily convert your existing fleet of standard human-driven vehicles into optionally-manned systems that can be driven in manned or unmanned modes. M-PAK does NOT degrade ingress or egress characteristics for a driver when in manual- driving mode, and M-PAK has been designed from the ground up with safety as a top priority when in automated modes of operation. It includes a roof-mount navigation module (NavModule), an innovative quick-install steering actuator, actuators for acceleration and braking, a transmission controller, and an active safety system.

M-PAK is a scalable system that can be used as a stand-alone vehicle mobility kit or sensors can be added to offer various levels of autonomy. It supports Tele-Op remote control operation using Kratos' fixed site and man-portable Command and Control (C2) systems, GPS waypoint following, and Leader/Follower (manned/unmanned teaming). M-PAK allows for a semi-permanent installation in a vehicle, which releases the user from committing to one vehicle platform or a particular vehicle. It can move freely among a variety of vehicle types and enables optional dependable unmanned capabilities for a number of applications.


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