HF Antennas

Fixed Directional HF Antennas

Fixed Directional HF Antennas

747FCD Series

These antennas are intended for fixed station applications and are based on the single mast, transportable 747CD Log-Periodic Antenna Series. The variable take-off angle array configuration results in a high-performance antenna well suited to applications where communications over varying distance is required.

2701 and 2702 Series

Antennas in this series are horizontally polarized, log-periodic antennas capable of radiating optimum communication frequencies at the appropriate elevation angle for short-medium and medium-long ranges.

1703 Series

These antennas are designed to provide transmitting and receiving service for HF circuits from 750 to 4,000 miles.

2726 Series

Antennas in this series offer a family of monopole, log-periodic arrays, the most economic configuration that can efficiently radiate broadband frequencies as low as 2.5 MHz.

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