C5ISR Systems: Missile Testing and Target Emulation

Missile & Radar Testing

Variety of products for design, verification, production and simulation tests of various armament technologies. Areas include missile data link emulation, active RF seeker target simulation, missile system telemetry reception, and RF fuse performance verification. Additional solutions are also provided for targeting radar threat emulation.

Key prime contracts supported include: FA8675-18-C-0003, FA8675-15-C-0022, N00024-15-C-5420, N00019-15-D-0028, FA8675-15-C-0022, N00024-13-C-5403, and V317W006.

Radar Environment / Target Simulation

The Radar Environment and Target Simulator (RES) builds on an established family of channel simulation products and is an economical solution for simulating targets and channel effects in an RF environment. The RES is a robust TRL-9 Solution with a flexible architecture that supports full turnkey systems or complementary subsystems.

It can be controlled via a standalone graphical user interface for simplified scenario applications, a dedicated real-time interface, or remotely via the Ethernet interface. The RES is customizable, with a wide range of HW and SW options and scalable, allowing entry level systems to be upgraded to enhance capability. Support is available for both legacy and next-generation platforms.

Key Features
  • Radar Environment and Flight Dynamics Simulation
  • Monopulse Radar System Verification
  • Multi-Channel Threat Generation
  • RF Seeker Development and Verification
  • Hardware In the Loop (HIL) Testing
  • Acceptance, Production, and Field Testing

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