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Weather Antenna

The S- band and C- band weather radar systems are a family of advanced weather radar antenna/pedestal systems. The family of systems meets ISO 9001 specifications and consists of a number of different diameter antennas and pedestals operating in S- band or C- band frequencies. This includes the antenna system used for the NEXRAD program.

  • Lightweight aluminum reflector antenna
  • High antenna gain performance
  • Single and optional dual-polarization

Features include a replaceable main bearing (without disturbing the antenna), main sump, slip ring brush block assemblies, and gearbox double lip shaft seals. These systems provide state-of-the-art brushless servo control electronics, using a precision commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) actuator in elevation and a compound planetary drive train in azimuth. This provides for smooth positioning of the antenna in elevation and continuous rotation in azimuth.

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S,C-Band Radar

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