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Advanced Concept Demonstration and Test

Advanced Concept Demonstration and Test collage

Kratos provides the federal government with significant directed energy (DE) test experience and a broad range of system integration capabilities. Our DE test experience includes both high energy laser (HEL) and high power microwave (HPM) test support. We have supported most of the U.S. Army’s DE testing and have experience with the major ranges – HELSTF, Eglin AFB, and Ft. Sill. Our integration experience includes developing several components for the 50 kW HEL MTT system, acting as lead system integrator for the QWK HEL TVD contract, and service as system integrator for a 25 kW MMHEL risk reduction effort. We are working for the Army to integrate a high resolution HPM sensor to be flown on a hardened tethered and free flying UAS.

Tethered Unmanned Aerial Systems

Kratos has developed a line of tethered UAS that have a wide range of capabilities. The Aethon is a tethered hexcopter that can provide several kW of power to payloads, lift up to 20 pounds to 450 feet, and support Gb data transfers over the fiber optic line in the tether. The system can support a wide variety of payloads, including EO/IR sensors, small radars, and radios. The system is configured to not radiate any RF energy (unless the system's payload is radiating). The Rook is a smaller tethered UAS that is capable of lifting 5 pounds of payload to 450 feet.

CRAM/CUAS Target Support

Kratos provides target launch services for CRAM and CUAS weapon system testing. The target launch team has significant experience in a wide variety of foreign weapon systems, from 60 mm mortars to 152 mm artillery and 122mm rockets. The team has all of the appropriate certifications and can support test mission planning. Kratos also has experience with preparing and flying UAS targets (including foreign assets).

Advanced Concept Demonstration and Test collage

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