View Webinar Recording: Satellite Ground Segment Ready for the New Space Revolution

Space is becoming more dynamic than ever with multi-orbit satellites, software-defined payloads and thousands of spacecraft. Is today’s ground system ready to keep pace and avoid becoming the bottleneck between innovations in space and terrestrial networks including 5G?

View this NSR webinar discussing how the ground system is on the cusp of fundamental change. Hear industry experts from Microsoft and Kratos discuss how advancements in technology are shifting the ground system from purpose-built, proprietary hardware architectures to software-defined, cloud-centric, and extensible virtual platforms that support multiple satellites, payloads and orbits on demand.

NSR Agenda and Speakers

Introduction and moderation, Chris Baugh, President and Founder of Northern Sky Research (NSR)

Today’s ground system challenges and the path forward, Carlos Placido, Senior Analyst, Northern Sky Research (NSR)

Advancements and technologies enabling a more dynamic ground system, Greg Quiggle, VP of Product Management, Kratos

Q&A panel session on the dynamic ground system

Yves PitschYves Pitsch
Principal Product Manager, Azure Networking

Chris BaughChris Baugh
President & Founder
Northern Sky Research

Carlos PlacidoCarlos Placido
Senior Analyst
Northern Sky Research

Greg QuiggleGreg Quiggle
VP of Product Management

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