Small UAS Swarming

Kratos has been developing avionics and ground support command and control systems for high performance unmanned aerial target drones for over 40 years. These aerial platforms fly at speeds in excess of Mach 1 and at altitudes as low as 7ft, performing advanced maneuvers to replicate real-world threats and providing realistic training opportunities. The company leveraged this experience to develop a new family of aerial systems that include not only high-speed jet-powered aircraft, but also multi-rotor copters. We offer a Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS) that includes advanced swarming capability, where a single operator can control multiple platforms at one time to support various training and combat/tactical applications.

Wolf-Pak is an innovative swarming technology utilizing the collective behavior of multiple autonomous vehicles following a leader vehicle. Each vehicle in the swarm can recognize and locate each other vehicle to offer a true swarming configuration. All vehicles stay within a predefined distance of each other and the swarm constantly adjusts and reconfigures itself without relying on a centralized control system. This capability is a platform enabler for distributed airborne tactics that can be adapted to a variety of different aerial platforms and mission objectives.

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