Monics 200®

Complete interference detection for HTS spot beams, fly-away packages and smaller sites

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Monics® 200 was developed to deliver advanced monitoring capabilities cost effectively for High Throughput Satellite (HTS) spot beams, fly-away environments and instances where only limited monitoring is required, such as remote teleports with a small number of antennas. Monics 200 is a self-contained and stand-alone device that integrates with Monics systems.

Cost-effective monitoring of HTS spot beams

Monics Series 200

Green check Delivers affordable monitoring for one beam or many

Green check Assess bandwidth efficiency and effectiveness with RF data analytics

Green check Displays standard frequency and power metrics along with time domain measurements

Green check Provides automated monitoring, alarming and trace forwarding along with manual spectrum analysis

Interference detection for fly-away packages and smaller sites

  • Reduces operating expenses by occupying less rack space
  • Provides easy to use web based configuration to enable technicians to install and replace devices in the field
  • Runs automated bandwidth monitoring even during a network outage to avoid any loss of measurement data
  • Forwards measurement data automatically to the central server upon network recovery
  • Ensures reliability with solid state drives that are less susceptible to damage
Monics Series 200 hardware

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Monics 200
Fact Sheet - Monics 200
Adjacent Satellite Interference
Preventing Adjacent Satellite Interference


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