Delivering Advanced Spectrum and Signal Monitoring

With the rapid growth of satellite networks including VSATs, there is the potential for increased Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Interfering signals can be periodic or occur at different frequencies over time, making the discovery and removal of these sources a significant challenge.

Kratos’ spectrum and signal monitoring solutions help to identify authorized and unauthorized signals in the spectrum in real-time and provide reports detailing errors in the transmission plan on unknown/illegal signals, including from the ever-growing TDMA VSAT networks.

Our capabilities include carrier monitoring, VSAT interference management, geolocation, and signal cancellation based on our industry leading RFI interference detection and mitigation suite of products.

Kratos’ spectrum and signal monitoring solutions can be used for a range of applications, including characterizing the spectrum, mitigating the effects of interference for high value communications, enforcing compliance with government regulations, and optimizing spectrum for maximum utilization.

Spectrum Monitoring Products and Services

Monics Net
Fact Sheet - Monics Net
SatGuard Overview
Fact Sheet - SatGuard - Real-Time VSAT Interference Monitoring
satID Overview
Fact Sheet - satID
SigX Overview
Fact Sheet - SigX

Delivering Complete Space Domain Awareness

  • Enhance SDA with inclusion of RF data
  • Detect performance anomalies and their cause
  • Gain insights on satellite use
  • Determine the cause and intent of issues

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Toward a More Complete Space Domain Awareness

Find out how RF data can fill the gaps in traditional Space Domain Awareness (SDA) techniques. Learn about the limits of traditional SDA and how to enhance awareness with RF data. These RF signal measures provide a new data domain for SDA.

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RF Space Situational Awareness

Learn more about our spectrum and signal monitoring products

Carrier Monitoring
Monics screenshot


Monics is the industry-leading carrier monitoring and interference detection product.

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Signal Geolocation
satID screenshot


satID® provides an accurate, fast, all-in-one solution for locating and identifying sources of interference.

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Signal Cancellation
SigX screenshot


SigX cancels RF interference (RFI) from satellite communication links to protect valuable bandwidth.

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VSAT Monitoring
SatGuard screenshot


SatGuard classifies VSAT networks and identifies the specific IDs of the terminals causing interference to quickly resolve issues.

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RF Data & Monitoring Services

In today’s contested and congested environment, a complete operational picture of space domain awareness (SDA) is increasingly important. Kratos offers commercial services that help fill in the gaps in today’s resources and provide more actionable insights by monitoring, analyzing and fusing relevant data that can support better strategic decisions and improve operations.

Kratos’ extensible global network consists of 21 worldwide RF monitoring sites, hosting more than 80 sensors and antennas and specially tuned for high-speed, accurate RF signal collection and measurement. The global RF network is supported by Kratos’ Network Operations Center (NOC), a dedicated workforce servicing government and commercial customers around-the-clock.

Advanced technologies exclusive to Kratos are integrated into all levels of this cutting-edge infrastructure, from custom algorithms employed in the sensor network, to industry-leading commercial applications used in the NOC for data monitoring, correlation and geolocation, to the specially-developed analytics that provide real meaning behind the raw data.

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