RF Channel Simulator

Test critical communications systems under the most challenging conditions

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Realistically simulate wideband and dynamic environments

Wideband Channel Simulator screenshot

The Channel Simulator’s wideband platform offers new advanced capabilities:

  • Enable wideband simulations with up to 600 MHz IBW
  • Simulate multiple, combined and simultaneous signal distortions
  • Emulate real world physics of fast changing scenarios with industry leading fidelity

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Enable comprehensive test and training activities without actual flights...

RF Channel Simulator

Serves as a satellite link emulator and much more…

Green check Model, predict, and study system performance prior to launch

Green check Simulate difficult-to-achieve or dangerous conditions

Green check Replicate RF conditions for aircraft, UAVs, SATCOM, and missile applications

Green check Verify QoS under nominal and worst-case situations

Webinar: Learn How NASA Assures Communications Between the Mars Rover and its Helicopter Drone

Find out how the Channel Simulator enables NASA to anticipate and overcome potential communication issues.

Learn how NASA assures communication links with the Channel Simulator

Find out how the Channel Simulator enhances system quality and decreases costs through:

  • Broader and deeper test coverage
  • Faster test development and execution
  • Lower spending on test equipment
  • Test satellite links, ground radios, aircraft links and more

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Channel Simulator whitepaper

View the RF Channel Simulator product video

  • See a channel emulator scenario in action
  • View different types of RF propagation effects on the channel
  • Experience the benefits of the Channel Simulator

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Watch the RF Channel Simulation video demonstrating advanced simulation capabilities


Move beyond basic propagation effects with these advanced features:

  • Multipath fading
  • Programmable FIR filter
  • Phase noise
  • Interference injection
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Powerful modeling and simulation with optional plugin for AGI’s Systems Tool Kit® (STK)

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