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Locate RF Interference faster and more accurately

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Kratos’ leading RF interference geolocation product, satID® provides an accurate, fast, all-in-one solution for locating and identifying sources of interference, including VSAT/TDMA terminals. With the capability to geolocate within 5 km of the interfering signal, satID is the most accurate geolocation product available today.

Increase productivity with more effective geolocation

satID Geolocation Screenshot

Green check Review pinpointed geolocation results on a map within minutes

Green check Geolocate within 5km of the interfering signal

Green check Increase automation to reduce time spent on geolocation

Green check Perform geolocation scenarios more efficiently and effectively

Green check Simplify the process of geolocating hidden carriers

Green check Identify sources of accidental or intentional interference

Record Now and Analyze Later with the Geolocation Recorder

  • Assure the capture of difficult signals with continuous recording of RF spectrum
  • Review up to the last 8 hours of recording
  • Maximize productivity by focusing on signals of interest
  • Optimize geolocation processing based on signal presence and activity
satID Geolocation Recorder

Combat VSAT Interference with New TDMA Geolocation Module

TDMA Geolocation Module

Green check Geolocate VSAT terminals in the network

Green check Determine the physical location of the interfering terminal

Green check Accelerate troubleshooting efforst by pinpointing terminals

Green check Generate improved results for VSAT networks

View the "Geolocate the Source of VSAT Interference" Product

See how satID can help pinpoint the location of VSAT terminals in the network causing interference
Geolocate the Source of VSAT Interference Webinar

Improve Geolocation Performance with Signal Cancellation Module

  • Remove interfering signals in real-time
  • Improve geolocation efficiency and effectiveness
  • Restore geolocation performance in congested environments
  • Increase geolocation accuracy
Signal Cancellation Module

Perform Advanced Spectrum Analysis

Advanced Spectrum Analysis
  • Enable rapid and accurate targeting of interfering carriers with carrier under carrier analysis
  • Display detailed signal information with modulation analysis
  • Capture intermittent signals using an automated triggering capability

Learn more about satID

Increased Capabilities For RFI Geolocation
Increased Capabilities for RFI Mitigation
satID Overview
Fact Sheet - satID
Human Factors in SATCOM Interference
Human Factors in SATCOM Interference


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