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Jet engine

Kratos Turbine Technologies Division is focused on the development and production of small, affordable, high-performance, jet engines for the next generation of tactical weapon systems and tactical jet-powered UAS. Our team is an innovation leader in the turbomachinery and rockets industries providing engineering, development, testing, and MRO services for gas turbines, propulsion components, turbopumps, and systems for military and commercial aircraft, space propulsion, and industrial applications. We leverage our cross-industry capabilities to deliver innovative, cost-saving solutions for our customers.

Small Engines

Affordable and highly capable family of engines for UAVs and cruise missiles enabling extended range and increased performance for future battlespace platforms


Liquid rocket engine turbopumps and electric pumps for liquid Hydrogen, Methane, Oxygen, RP-1 & RP-2, as-well as hypergolic and super critical CO2 systems


Demonstrator engine, component and rig test articles for compression/expansion turbomachinery systems, combustion systems, heat exchangers, and inlet/exhaust systems

Engineering Services

Engineering services across multiple turbine industries and disciplines including start-to-finish product development, cross-discipline engineering support, field support, product procurement, testing, instrumentation and technology demonstrator development

MRO Services

Factory trained and FAA licensed engine overhaul and repair

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