Helping Regulators Monitor and Assure the Spectrum

With more satellite capacity and the number of wireless connected devices growing exponentially, the RF spectrum continues to come under increasing pressure. With rapidly growing usage across the globe comes the potential for increasing signal congestion, RF interference, and illegal usage.

Telecommunications regulators globally are looking to address these threats and safeguard the RF spectrum as a natural resource by assuring reliable authorized satellite services and interference free-operations.

Kratos has extensive experience in the arena of space radio monitoring stations and has worked with numerous regulators to implement systems to help protect the spectrum.

As a major global ground station solutions provider with more than 30 years of experience, Kratos has delivered turnkey regulator solutions, including satellite antennas and complete ground stations, for customers around the world. Kratos is a member of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and works closely with the organization to support regulators worldwide.

These projects often include Kratos’ GeoMon (geographic monitoring) capability that simplifies spectrum and licensing operations for regulators. GeoMon helps to identify authorized and unauthorized satellite communication signals, manage the satellite spectrum, and enhance cooperation with other telecommunications regulatory agencies.

GeoMon integrates with Kratos’ industry leading monitoring products, including the Monics family for carrier monitoring and interference detection, satID for signal geolocation, satGuard for VSAT monitoring, and Compass for monitor and control of RF and IP equipment.

Kratos has implemented these turnkey systems to enable regulators to perform a range of critical missions, from finding illegal transmitters and assisting the international community when major interference cases arise to protecting international broadcast events.

Kratos Helps The Regulatory Authority of Oman Secure Spectrum

When Oman’s frequency spectrum was under threat, Oman’s TRA rose to the occasion by building one of the world’s most Advanced Space Radio Monitoring Stations (ASRMS) in conjunction with Kratos. In this SatellitePro ME exclusive, Yousuf Al-Balushi, VP for Spectrum Management Affairs at Oman’s TRA, and Jérôme Duboe of Kratos, describe the milestones that led to the launch of the Middle East’s only ASRMS, which went into operation last year.

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Video: TRA of Oman Assures Satellite Services with Advanced Space Monitoring Station

Watch the video detailing how the TRA of Oman addressed an increasingly dense signal environment with the potential to increase interference and illegal transmissions by building an Advanced Space Monitoring Station (ASRMS) in the Middle East. Experience each stage of the project from the design and build-out, to the actual operations - from finding illegal transmitters and mitigating interference, to protecting broadcast events.

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