The Future of Ground Operations

Virtualized, Integrated Products for Satellite Ground Systems


Innovative Satellites and Dynamic Ground

High Throughput Satellites (HTS), Smallsats and Software defined payloads are driving more capacity and capabilities in space. How does the ground segment keep pace with all this innovation? Ground systems are evolving and taking advantage of advanced technologies to:

  • Move from analog to digital
  • Transition from hardware to software architectures
  • Shift from siloed to unified management to optimize operations
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How Virtualization Helps the Ground

Watch this 2-minute explainer video.

Virtualization technology is playing a bigger role in enabling reliable, scalable and manageable satellite ground operations.

  • Take advantage of the flexibility cloud computing technology offers
  • Transition from legacy hardware to virtual systems as you scale operations
  • Lower operating costs, save on resources and improve deployment times

Virtualizing the Ground System

Kratos is at the forefront of virtualizing the ground system to deliver increased resiliency, scalability, security and lower costs. Key advancements include:

Satellite Ground Network Virtualization

According to Northern Sky Research, “Satellite Ground Network Infrastructure is on the cusp of a fundamental change.” In a new white paper, “Satellite Ground Network Virtualization,” Senior Analyst, Carlos Placido and colleagues explore the Space-based innovations fostering a new wave of change on the ground, including objective insights into the applications, scalability and dynamics of a new era they refer to as “the 21st-century Space Race.”

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Satellite Ground Network Virtualization whitepaper

What the Analysts Are Saying About Dynamic Ground

Shivaprakash Muruganandham

Innovative Satellites, Virtualized Networks and Dynamic Ground

Shivaprakash Muruganandham, Analyst, Northern Sky Research, will share insights from the recent NSR report entitled “Satellite Ground Network Virtualization” that outlines how the ground segment is becoming more virtual, software defined, and cloud centric to meet the needs of the newer satellites.

Pacôme Révillon

New Space, the Rapidly Evolving Ground Segment and the Forecast for the Future

Pacôme Révillon is the Chief Executive Officer of Euroconsult, a leading global consulting firm specializing in space markets. In this podcast, Pacôme will share some insights from Euroconsult’s executive report on the “Ground Segment Market Prospects – Forecasts for 2028”.

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The Move to a More Dynamic Ground System

In this article, Greg Quiggle, VP of Product Management from Kratos explains how the ground segment is evolving and adopting new technologies to become more virtual, software defined and cloud centric. While this shift in the ground model may seem radically different, it’s important to note this is not a futuristic dream; this software and cloud-based technology and concept of operations is in use in the terrestrial comms world, and in some satellite ground systems today.

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Virtualizing Ground Operations for Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Missions

Kratos delivers virtualized infrastructure to enable scalable and cost-effective signal processing for Earth Observation and Remote Sensing missions.

Kratos’ OpenSpace Wideband Software Receiver:

  • is the only completely virtual receiver with no FPGAs or GPUs
  • offers 600 Mbps of throughput to support downlinks
  • runs on standard x86 servers
  • takes advantage of virtual and cloud-based architectures
  • offers performance equivalent to hardware based EO and remote sensing receivers
  • easily scales based on demand
  • supports the virtualization of the entire infrastructure from the receiver to recorder

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OpenSpace Wideband Software Receiver

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