Discover the Dynamic Ground
Discover the Dynamic Ground

OpenSpace is future-ready to meet the needs of
tomorrow’s space to ground operations

OpenSpace: The Dynamic Ground System OpenSpace Dynamic Ground System Architecture
OpenSpace: The Dynamic Ground System
Operations Center for Satellite Ground
Controller of VNFs for Satellite Ground Network
VNF for Satellite Ground Architecture
Cloud Compute Solution for Satellite Ground Network
RF Signal Digitizer for VITA 49
OpsCenter is a high-level system-wide management solution that works as a single pane of glass.
Controller is the orchestrator that enables provisioning of multiple virtual network functions.
Virtualized network functions (VNFs) execute all networking processing from the radio to the network switch.
Digitizer converts RF signals into VITA 49, a packet format that is standard throughout the satellite industry.
Compute Pool The compute pool is virtualized infrastructure, on premise or in the cloud, that is scalable and can share resources such as data storage, networking, compute or processing.

Unified Management of Ground System

OpenSpace OpsCenter. OpsCenter is OpenSpace’s management interface that supports the configuration, administration and monitoring of the ground system. OpsCenter administers the service chain lifecycle and bridges virtual network function management functions together with physical network devices and RF gateway components.

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OpenSpace OpsCenter screenshot
Illustration of a brain

Intelligent Control of Ground System

OpenSpace Controller. The OpenSpace Controller is the brain center that controls how service chains are deployed to deliver a given service or mission against a defined SLA or Concept of Operations (ConOps). The OpenSpace Controller can automatically spin a service chain up and down hundreds of times a day to support different payloads, satellites or for different configurations.

Virtualized Network Functions

OpenSpace VNFs. Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) move individual network functions out of dedicated hardware devices into software that run on commodity hardware. This enables the racks of analog hardware, such as splitters, combiners and frequency converters to be replaced with a functionally equivalent series of VNFs. The VNFs can then be sequenced into virtual service chains to deliver a service.

Learn about VNFs by watching the video.

Earth Observation Service Chain
Virtual Network Functions (VNF)
SpectralNet OpenSpace Digitizer

On-Ramp to Digital Ground

OpenSpace Digitizers. OpenSpace transforms the ground system from an analog to a fully digital system. As part of the on-ramp to the platform, Kratos’ OpenSpace digitizer, known as SpectralNet converts the RF signals from the antenna into network-ready IP packets.

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Space Innovation, Ground Revolution and OpenSpace

Greg Quiggle
Greg Quiggle
V.P. Product Management

Listen to the Constellations podcast to learn more about OpenSpace, the next generation ground system platform for the next generation of space. Hear Greg Quiggle, Vice President of Product Management for Kratos discuss:

  • How space innovation is driving ground system breakthroughs
  • Why technologies such as cloud, SDN and virtualization are important
  • What makes OpenSpace different than traditional ground system approaches
  • How OpenSpace can help operators increase revenue and decrease costs

Learn How the Ground System is Going Virtual and Software-Defined

NSR Whitepaper: Satellite Ground Network Virtualization
Satellite Ground Network Virtualization whitepaper
Video: How Virtualization Helps the Ground

Virtualization technology is playing a bigger role in enabling reliable, scalable and manageable satellite ground operations.

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Article: The Move to a More Dynamic Ground System
Delivering the Dynamic Ground article thumbnail

OpenSpace Platform Fact Sheets

OpenSpace Overview
OS-002 OpenSpace Overview
OpenSpace Management OpsCenter
OS-007 OpenSpace OpsCenter
OpenSpace VNF WAN Transport Protector (OWTP)
OS-010 OpenSpace WAN Transport Protector
OpenSpace VNF Receiver (ORX)
OS-008 OpenSpace Wideband Receiver
OpenSpace VNF Stream Processor/Recorder (OSPR)
OS-009 OpenSpace Stream Processor Recorder
OpenSpace Digitizer - SpectralNet
OS-003 OpenSpace Digitizer - SpectralNet
EO and Remote Sensing Service Chain
OS-005 EO and Remote Sensing Service Chain

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