Executive Insights on Virtualizing the Teleport

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Executive Insights on Virtualizing the Teleport

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The Digital Evolution of Satellite Operations

Space is more dynamic than ever with multi-orbit satellites, software-defined payloads and thousands of spacecraft. With OpenSpace™, the ground system becomes dynamic too. Almost every piece of the ground station can now be turned from hardware to software, with the power to react immediately to changing conditions.

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View the on-demand NSR webinar discussing how the ground system is on the cusp of fundamental change. Hear industry experts from Microsoft and Kratos discuss how advancements in technology are shifting the ground system from purpose-built, proprietary hardware architectures to software-defined, cloud-centric, and extensible virtual platforms that support multiple satellites, payloads and orbits on demand.

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Scalable and Flexible

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Scale vs Flexibility graph for hardware, virtualization, and software-defined networking

OpenSpace enables ground systems to take advantage of software-defined networking and virtualization to:

  • Instantiate Services on Demand for Threat and Supply
  • Execute Just-in-Time Deployments
  • Automate Complex Network Configurations
  • Manage Multi-satellite, Multi-orbit Operations

See How OpenSpace Works


A new approach to enable dynamic ground system operations that is driven by common interfaces and open standards, providing a truly adaptable, scalable, and flexible platform. With OpenSpace, almost every piece of the ground station can be turned from hardware to software and can react dynamically to changing conditions.

The OpenSpace platform is the first fully digital, virtualized, software-defined and orchestrated platform in the satellite industry.

OpenSpace disrupts ground networks based upon purpose-built, proprietary hardware and stove-piped software applications in favor of standards-based, fully integrated, end-to-end service delivery running on COTS servers or in the cloud.

  • Software defined network that can be dynamically configured, managed, deployed
  • Virtual functions that run on generic, inexpensive computers or in the cloud
  • Dynamic to match the capabilities of new payloads, supporting LEO, MEO, GEO
  • Open, to allow integration with other applications on the ground and space layer

Keys to Interoperable Space Ground Platform Success

Open, Cloud Native, Secure, Centralized Control. OpenSpace transforms the ground system from analog to fully digital.

How can the ground segment keep pace with changes in space?

In the coming world of thousands of multi-orbit, highly configurable spacecraft, a ground system built for one payload or one constellation just isn’t going to scale, won’t enable roaming, won’t be resilient or reliable, and won’t enable the new applications and services required in air and on the ground.

Change is happening at an accelerated pace bringing with it bigger demands for data, security and scalability. To keep up, ground satellite operations may need to shift too.

The satellite ground network infrastructure is on the cusp of a fundamental change. Ground network technology must shift from purpose-built, proprietary hardware architectures to software-defined, flexible, and extensible virtual platforms.

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Dive Deeper into How OpenSpace Works

Learn why OpenSpace makes the ground segment flexible, scalable and secure.

Get the White Paper – Enabling Dynamic Ground

Enabling the Dynamic Satellite Ground System Whitepaper

The Technology Revolution on the Ground is Here. Are you Ready?

Phil Carrai
Phil Carrai

Phil Carrai, president of Kratos Space, Training and Cyber speaks on Federal Tech Talk, a podcast for the Federal News Network. Multi-orbit spacecraft, the coming of proliferated LEO, and huge innovations on the payload side mean that Space is more configurable than ever. By virtualizing components, a dynamic, resilient, and cost-effective ground system can be just as dynamic. Listen to this insightful talk and learn more about OpenSpace and the underlying architectural principles that are igniting the revolution.

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OpenSpace Platform Fact Sheets

OpenSpace Overview
OS-002 OpenSpace Overview
OpenSpace Management OpsCenter
OS-007 OpenSpace OpsCenter
OpenSpace VNF WAN Transport Protector (OWTP)
OS-010 OpenSpace WAN Transport Protector
OpenSpace VNF Receiver (ORX)
OS-008 OpenSpace Wideband Receiver
OpenSpace VNF Stream Processor/Recorder (OSPR)
OS-009 OpenSpace Stream Processor Recorder
OpenSpace Digitizer - SpectralNet
OS-003 OpenSpace Digitizer - SpectralNet
EO and Remote Sensing Service Chain
OS-005 EO and Remote Sensing Service Chain

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