Innovative and Field-Proven Signal Processing Solutions

Signal Processing

Signal Processing Overview

Kratos’ innovative signal processing systems and software provide field-proven capabilities for communication with satellites, spacecraft, missiles, and airborne platforms. The range of signal processing products include hardware based and virtual modems, recorders, and network gateways.

Virtual TT&C


quantumRadio is a software based radio that provides the signal processing functions required for space-ground communication. It is a virtual solution that can be loaded on a bare-metal machine or directly to the cloud.

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Mission Receiver


quantumMR is a payload data receiver specifically designed for smallsat applications.

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Digital Recording Application


quantumDRA is a data repository archive application that creates recorded telemetry files for each satellite pass. Recorded files are stored on a server for download by external users.

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Recorder Family
T500RX Recorder Family


The Kratos 500RX Recorder System is a modular real-time recording and playback system that stores a variety of signal types and associated time, while maintaining accurate Time-Data Correlation (TDC) for simultaneous or post-processing replay.

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Wideband Data Recorder
Wideband Data Recorder (WDR)


The Wideband Data Recorder (WDR) is a real-time data storage and playback system supporting single channel data rates up to 1.6 Gbps. The WDR archives wideband serial data to disk, while maintaining very tight channel-to-channel correlation, faithfully reproducing data upon playback.

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Wideband Recording System
Ultra Wideband Recorder (UWR)


The Ultra Wideband Recorder (UWR) provides RF recording and playback for instantaneous bandwidths up to 4 GHz across any frequency band(s). The system enables cost efficient testing of wideband RF systems for satcom or other applications and data collection for EW applications across a wide band of RF spectrum.

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