Wideband Data Recorder (WDR)

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Wideband Data Recorder (WDR)

The Kratos WDR (Wideband Data Recorder) is a real-time data storage and playback system supporting single channel data rates up to 1.6 Gbps.


The WDR archives wideband serial data to disk while maintaining very tight channel-to-channel correlation, faithfully reproducing data upon playback. Standard serial interface support includes ECL, LVDS, SERDES, and CML. It handles both IRIG-B time signals and an external frequency reference, guaranteeing that playback of the data is accurate and time correlated.

The chassis is capable of holding multiple terabytes of storage so that recording space is not a concern, even at extremely high rates. Along with redundant power supplies and several varieties of RAID available, it fits into high-availability mission assurance environments.

Whether the goals is to simply backup and archive incoming high-rate mission data or record it for offline post-processing, the Kratos WDR is the right choice.


  • Base system up to 1.6 Gbps per channel, up to four channels (6.4 Gbps aggregate)
  • Higher channel count and data rates available
  • Dozens of processing algorithms supported
  • Simultaneous record and playback
  • Store and forward/rate buffering
  • Precise time-data correlation
Wideband Data Recorder


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