T500RX Recorder Family

High Data Rate Recorder

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T500RX Recorder Family

The Kratos 500 Recorder System (T500RX) is a modular real-time recording and playback system that stores a variety of signal types and associated time, while maintaining accurate Time-Data Correlation (TDC) for simultaneous or post-processing replay.


The T500RX is built on a modular and configurable architecture. The system is available in 1U, 2U, 4U, or 5U chassis. It will scale in channel configuration, storage capacity, and capability to meet growing user requirements. The high performance backplane supports real-time data recording of more than 19 Gbps.

The T500RX can be configured with various interface modules to support record and playback of:

  • Digital PCM data
  • Analog baseband signals
  • 70 MHz IF signals
  • Timing signals
  • Video signals
  • IP traffic


  • Records serial PCM, network IP, analog, IF, RF, video
  • Supports aggregate rates up to 10 Gbps
  • Open file system supports user access to recorded files
  • IRIG Chapter 10 compatible

Optional Modules

  • T500RX – Time-Correlated Record/Replay System
  • Digitizes, stores, and replays analog, digital, and video data with tight Time-Data Correlation
  • High availability – Hot-swappable Power Supplies and RAID Media
  • Unlimited Expansion via External SAN and NAS storage options

T500RX-IF – 70MHz

  • Captures/Digitizes Raw I/F signals
  • Stores digitized IF for later processing/analysis
  • Forwards digitized IF data over IP
  • >1GB per sec to disk in real time

T500RX-IP – IP Recorder

  • Record and Playback of TCP, UDP, Multicast and PGM sockets
  • Playback Maintains Relative Packet Timing and Transmit Rates
  • Supports Wrapped Storage Area (WSA), Managed Storage Areas (MSA)
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