T501 Front-End Processor

Front End Processor

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T501 Front-End Processor

The Kratos T501 Front-End Processor (FEP) family of products includes intelligent front-end telemetry processing, formatting, and verification of vehicle commands and control of external devices, such as cryptographic equipment.  It is an innovative front-end data processing solution for satellite control centers.


Data is time-correlated using high-precision inter-range instrumentation group (IRIG) signals. The T501’s API includes a convenient TCP/IP-based interface that easily integrates into any Telemetry, Tracking, and Control (TT&C) system. A fully-featured web-based interface is also supported.

Telemetry processing functions include format conversion, frame synchronization, and time-tagging. The T501 FEP can be configured to support Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) or Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) processing, including Reed-Solomon decoding and VCDU/packet processing, bit synchronization, and data recording/playback. Command processing functions include conversion to an uplink encryptor’s ternary or binary formats, fill command generation, time-release, block commanding, and command echo checking. The T501 FEP can also be used to generate simulated telemetry streams for loopback testing. It provides a common, consistent network-based resource for monitoring and control of encryption and decryption equipment.


  • Full range of commanding and telemetry processing
  • Supports all commonly used COMSEC equipment (KG61/62s, Mykotronx units, KI-17, KIV-7, KS252, etc.)
  • CCSDS Support including transfer frame/packet-level processing
  • GEMS-compliant control and status interface
  • Data format/polarity conversion
  • Decoding (Viterbi, Reed-Solomon)
  • Programmable frame synchronization
Front End Processor


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