ioPLEX Network Edge Device

Access Gateway for Transporting Various Types of Data Across Networks

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ioPLEX Network Edge Device

The ioPLEX™ is an IPv4/v6 Access Gateway that offers support for more data types, higher aggregate throughput, and better operational reliability than other TMoIP multiservice switches on the market.


An affordable, high-performance network edge device, the ioPLEX™ has Assured Delivery™, with diverse-path routing, packet reordering, and intelligent reconstruction technologies employed for applications in which data loss during network transit is not an option.

It moves up to 2 Gbps of data across the network with less than a millisecond of added latency into multiplexed streams and is appropriate for very high rate and/or high-priority data circuits.  Full switch capability, along with ATM/IP/VLAN networking and protocol interworking functions, is standard.

ioPLEX™ extends telemetry, analog data, video, and voice services in native format over Ethernet VLAN and routed IP networks, thereby allowing Core Enterprise Services to be reached over an IP transport while supporting legacy ATM infrastructure.


  • High-port-serial-density IP gateway for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multicast with near real-time performance
  • Replaces legacy TDM/ATM multiplexers, enabling migration to packet switched core networks
  • High reliability and availability: 1 to 1 redundancy, hot-swap for all modules
  • Dual GigE network interfaces (optical or copper) for packet network uplink, with IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Low-latency telemetry over IP for mission operations center and range applications (IRIG-218 TMoIP)
ioPLEX IP Access Gateway


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