Maximize Ground System Performance

Deliver on the promise of the advances in satellite technology by optimizing ground system performance and protecting communications in an increasingly competitive and contested space environment. Assure the availability, reliability, and performance of ground operations. Manage operations effectively by controlling the satellite, processing, protecting and transporting signals, and assuring Quality of Service end-to-end across the terrestrial and satellite network. In support of commercial and military space operations, Kratos provides complete satellite and terrestrial ground segment solutions, including enterprise products and systems.

Assure Performance and QoS

Providing proven enterprise grade products across the ground station for:

  • Satellite Command and Control
  • Telemetry, Tracking & Command (TT&C)
  • RF management
  • Signal processing
  • Network management

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Assure Performance and QoS
Build and Operate Ground Systems

Build and Operate Ground Systems

Delivering large systems such as ground stations and gateways for a range of applications including:

  • Telemetry Tracking & Command
  • Satellite communications
  • Spectrum regulation

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How Virtualization Helps the Ground

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Virtualization technology is playing a bigger role in enabling reliable, scalable and manageable satellite ground operations.

  • Take advantage of the flexibility cloud computing technology offers
  • Transition from legacy hardware to virtual systems as you scale operations
  • Lower operating costs, save on resources and improve deployment times


Enabling the Ground Station in the Cloud

Kratos is at the forefront of enabling the movement of ground systems to the cloud by offering new and enhanced products.

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Delivering Space Domain Awareness

In today’s contested and congested environment, Kratos provides Space Domain Awareness (SDA) by monitoring, analyzing, and fusing relevant data that can support better strategic decisions and improve operations.

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Case Study: Protecting the Satellite Spectrum

When Oman’s frequency spectrum was under threat, Oman’s TRA rose to the occasion by building one of the world’s most Advanced Space Radio Monitoring Stations (ASRMS) in conjunction with Kratos.

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A Trusted Provider in Satellite and Space Industry

60 countries on 5 continents with Kratos products in use. 30 years of leadership in end-to-end satellite ground solutions. 80% of commercial satellite operators use Kratos products. Supporting hundreds of commercial and government GEO, LEO, and NewSpace missions. 90% of all U.S. space missions employ Kratos solutions.


Command & Control System — Consolidated
Command & Control System - Consolidated

U.S. Air Force Partners with Kratos as part of CCS-C Program to Develop Satellite Ground Systems that Increase Efficiencies, Cut Costs, and Optimize Staffing

Kratos’s EPOCH C2 System has increased efficiencies, cut costs and decreased staffing requirements for the USAF's Command and Control System – Consolidated (CCS-C) program since 2001.

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Department of State
Department of State

Department of State Uses Kratos’ Network Management Software as a Global Enterprise Management System

As part of its effort to optimize network operations and improve user experience, the Department of State deployed NeuralStar, an enterprise network management software solution.

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DISA Uses Kratos’ Network Management System to Manage Availability for Global Defense Operations

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) relies on NeuralStar as the primary software component to administer the DISN as part of its Integrated Network Management System.

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Regulatory Authority of Oman
Telecom Regulators

The Regulatory Authority of Oman Works with Kratos to Safeguard Satellite Spectrum

When Oman’s frequency spectrum was under threat, Oman’s TRA rose to the occasion by building one of the world’s most Advanced Space Radio Monitoring Stations (ASRMS) in conjunction with Kratos.

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