Security Program Management

With increasing cyber threats, it is critical to have a comprehensive plan in place to safeguard federal IT systems.

Kratos’ Security Program Management Services enable an agency to build and operate a proactive cybersecurity program. It helps mitigate information security risk, more effectively defend against cyber threats, including advanced persistent threats, and meet regulatory requirements.

Kratos’ Five-Step Process for a Proactive Security Program

Based on experience from hundreds of federal engagements, Kratos designs a continuous assessment and monitoring program aligned with the agency's strategy and industry best practices.

  1. Collaborate with an agency’s team to understand the security strategy
  2. Establish overarching goals
  3. Review, refine, and close gaps in existing security plans and policies
  4. Design a continuous assessment and monitoring program aligned with an agency’s strategy and industry best practices
  5. Help integrate these plans, policies, and processes into an agency’s day-to-day operations

The end result is a robust, manageable and ongoing cybersecurity program tailored to an organization’s needs to improve its security posture.

Benefits of Security Program Management

  • Improve security posture more effectively through integrated security policies and processes
  • Identify and mitigate security problems before they become significant incidents by integrating security into routine, daily operations
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements

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