Application Testing

Federal web applications are a critical and indispensable part of the U.S. government's IT infrastructure and operations. For hackers and malicious insiders, however, these repositories and the sensitive data they host represent an opportunity to seize valuable data or launch a cyber-attack.

Kratos helps agencies find web application weaknesses and defend them against threats as quickly as possible. Traditional network security products, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption, can allow web-based attacks to occur without detecting them or addressing them effectively.

Kratos’ cybersecurity experts help to ensure the most comprehensive application security assessment possible through manual code reviews assisted by best-of-breed automated scanning tools. Kratos performs security assessments and ongoing audits for an organization's web applications and helps an organization develop and maintain a strong security posture.

We provide a thorough security analysis of source code, combining software security expertise with extensive software development experience. Kratos service uncovers vulnerabilities in code and violations of secure programming best practices to uncover backdoors, and identify poor input validation, unchecked buffers, and session strength, among other weaknesses.

Benefits of Secure Web Applications

  • Mitigate cybersecurity risk by reviewing software security and reliability
  • Identify weaknesses within an organization's software development life cycle to improve the quality of its software
  • Raise the level of an organization's engineering team’s awareness of application security best practices
  • Prevent application downtime and improve productivity
  • Quickly identify and prioritize vulnerabilities before they are exploited

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