Kratos Solutions

CONOPSKratos' solutions feature products and services that supply mission critical solutions for a broad range of National Security and Advanced Technology needs, especially in the C5ISR domains of Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Kratos' technologies are employed globally for defense and government operations, as well as enabling commercial organizations to enhance competitiveness and compliance in areas such as unmanned vehicles, satellite communication systems, and cybersecurity. Specific solutions areas include:

Aerial Drones & Targets

High performance aerial target systems, including target drones, C2 systems, support equipment and training.

Airborne Avionics

Electronic components, subsystems and systems used in a broad range of advanced defense applications.

Flight Instrumentation

Components including radar altimeters, antennas, transponders and data encoders.

Radar & Electronic Warfare Simulation

Multi-spectral EW, ECM and radar target simulation systems used in T&E applications and in radar/EW operator training.

Cybersecurity & IA

Services including continuous monitoring, cloud security, operational and risk management for enhanced protection.

Satellite Communications & Control

Products for signal processing, interference mitigation, spectrum monitoring, telemetry processing, M&C and satellite C2.

Enterprise Networks

Solutions that assure the end-to-end reliability, availability and security of satellite and terrestrial communications networks.

Tactical Mobility Systems

Field-proven tactical solutions supporting C5ISR, missile, radar and unmanned system applications.

Missile & Rocket Solutions

C5ISR, logistics, rocket program services and advanced weapon system research and engineering.

Training Systems

Gaming, simulation and full fidelity simulators for mission critical warfighter platforms with special expertise in maintenance training.

Microwave Products

Field-proven microwave components and sub-systems. Supporting applications such as Missiles, Electronic Warfare, Radars, Precision Guided Munitions, Network Centric Warfare, In-Flight Connectivity, Simulators and Test-Equipment.