Robust, Portable Flight Termination System

Portable Flight Termination System

The Portable Flight Termination System (FTS) is a redundant, self-contained, and portable 425 MHz Wideband FM system that can transmit the necessary codes to monitor, arm, and destroy a missile in flight. The system is compact, light weight, and easy to use, making it an ideal system for quick short range FTS requirements on ground, airborne, or ship borne.

The portable FTS consists of an FTS Transmitter System called the Command Control Unit (CCU), used for encoding IRIG flight termination commands, and an FTS Receiver System called the Receiver Monitor Unit (RMU), which is used for detecting, decoding, and monitoring commanded signals from the FTS Transmitter System. The system also includes complete transmit and receive antenna kits, a Remote Control Unit (RCU) for initiating FTS commands remotely from the CCU, and a user manual. Configurations of the FTS are available with RF outputs of 15W and 50W. Kratos can also support full system integration and training as needed.


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