State-of-the-Art Dual Vehicle Flight Termination System

Dual-Vehicle FTS

Kratos developed a 200W Dual Vehicle FTS that was specifically designed for use with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), missile systems, and aerial target drones, and it is currently in operation supporting various mission requirements worldwide. Designed to be IRIG 313 and 319 compliant, it is a rack mount unit used for flight termination and command. The unit accepts AC power and generates a modulated RF output FM signal, suitable for interrogation of Flight Termination Receivers and a variety of command receiver/decoders.

The 200W Dual Vehicle FTS features two sets of command switches on the front panel for MONITOR, ARM, and DESTRUCT to provide quick and easy emergency control of up to two vehicles in flight. All command switches have protective switch covers to prevent unintentional command initiation, and a battery backup module capable of providing back up power for up to 15 minutes can be added to the system.

The 200W Dual Vehicle FTS internally generates command tones that modulate the synthesized RF carrier to produce a 200 Watt (minimum) RF output to the antenna cable. Upon power up, the system will immediately transmit the carrier frequency and will continue to do so until the DESTRUCT command is issued. The MONITOR and ARM switches can be toggled ON/OFF independently of each other to send the corresponding command tone combinations. To initialize the DESTRUCT command, the ARM command must first be initialized.


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