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Department of State Uses Kratos’ Network Management Software as Global Enterprise Management System

The U.S. Department of State (DoS) operates a large IT network to meet its global responsibilities. With hundreds of thousands of daily users, worldwide reach, and a unique security posture, the DoS faces many challenges as it delivers mission-critical IT services to its community. As part of its effort to optimize network operations and improve user experience, the DoS deployed NeuralStar, an enterprise network management, and situational awareness software solution.

As part of a global deployment, NeuralStar manages several hundred thousand devices generating millions of events per hour with thousands of clients connecting to the system. NeuralStar serves as the highest level of visibility in the network management architecture. The sub-systems forward status information to the NeuralStar, Manager of Managers (MoM), providing the ability to correlate information from lower-level network management systems and create customized operational views. NeuralStar provides event/alert forwarding and automation and serves as the single point of entry for all of these sub-systems.

The implementation is delivered using a scalable and fully redundant data architecture to support operations. NeuralStar integrates seamlessly with the DoS' management tools to reduce costs and provide a 360-degree view of network operations for increased availability, reliability, and security.

NeuralStar Delivers the following Benefits to the Department of State:

  • Accelerated Decision Making – NeuralStar correlates multiple data sources, creates alerts, and automates responses for administrators and engineers using a consolidated and customizable dashboard.
  • Improved Asset Reporting – NeuralStar provides automatic discovery of enclave devices, grouped by type and classification. Real-time asset inventory reports are provided for individual enclaves and the enterprise as a whole.
  • Enhanced Tiered Enterprise Management – NeuralStar offers DoS enclaves autonomous control over their environment, while the centralized Network Operations Center has visibility and reaches into each environment.
  • Increased Productivity – NeuralStar enables the ability to better utilize limited network resources and simplifies day-to-day administration, along with capacity planning tasks.

Optimization of Existing Investments – NeuralStar quickly and easily integrates with existing and new tools to deliver a complete view of network operations.

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