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Monics is the industry leading carrier monitoring and interference detection product used by the majority of the of the world’s largest satellite operators, service providers and telecommunications providers to monitor over 200 sites in 60 countries around the globe. Monics helps operators effectively see what is happening with their communications payloads and protect bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS), while optimizing staff utilization and minimizing costs.

Protect critical bandwidth with industry leading carrier monitoring

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Green check Accelerate time to resolution by detecting interfering signals clearly using advanced DSP measurements 

Green check Maintain service levels by automating performance monitoring and alarm generation

Green check Optimize operational efficiency by centralizing RF spectrum monitoring

Green check Scale monitoring operations with growth from a single to multi-site configuration

Interference Detection and Signal Analysis Beyond Spectrum Analyzers

  • Accelerate troubleshooting with faster results and deeper analysis
  • Monitor signal quality and track SLAs effectively
  • Optimize productivity and resources with pro-active and automated monitoring
  • Analyze historical data to help identify future RF issues
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Unleash the full power of Monics with Kratos’ Digital Signal Processors

Identify and reduce sources of interference with Carrier ID

  • Rapidly pinpoint the owner of an interfering signal based on unique ID
  • Improve signal integrity by detecting unauthorized or inaccurately configured transmissions
  • Resolve transmission issues much more quickly, saving both time and money
  • Optimize service delivery for customers with more efficient interference mitigation
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Gain insight into TDMA network bandwidth usage by classifying networks

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  • Classify TDMA networks by performing a Frequency Scan analysis on transponder or on bandwidth
  • Characterize channel performance based on TDMA system type, EIRP, ES/No, bandwidth and other measurements
  • Accelerate troubleshooting by identifying customer channels that are errant or interfering with bandwidth
  • Improve workflow by defining and saving complete TDMA networks in Monics database

Monitor enterprise environments with more control and visibility

  • Visualize satellite operations across the globe with map based displays
  • Move from alarms to signal analysis much faster within two clicks
  • Optimize workforce productivity with role based views to address issues quickly
  • Enhance security by controlling system, application and space segment access
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by delivering controlled monitoring of satellite bandwidth
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