Detect, Locate and Cancel Interference in Real-Time

RF Management Overview

Kratos’ RF product family provides advanced and scalable quality of service monitoring and also delivers interference resolution capabilities. The complete suite helps operators characterize signals, identify interference, geolocate the source and cancel interfering signals.

Industry leading suite of RF management products and services

Carrier Monitoring
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Monics is the industry-leading carrier monitoring and interference detection product.

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Monics 200

Monics® 200 a self-contained and standalone digitizer that delivers advanced RF monitoring capabilities cost effectively.

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RF Monitoring Services
RF Monitoring Services

Space Domain Awareness (SDA)

Kratos possesses a global commercial RF network to deliver RF spectral services for advanced space domain awareness.

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VSAT Monitoring
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SatGuard classifies VSAT networks and identifies the specific IDs of the terminals causing interference to quickly resolve issues.

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Signal Geolocation
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satID® provides an accurate, fast, all-in-one solution for locating and identifying sources of interference.

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Signal Cancellation
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SigX cancels RF interference (RFI) from satellite communication links to protect valuable bandwidth.

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Monics - Most comprehensive carrier monitoring and RFI mitigation suite

  • Highly scalable carrier monitoring
  • VSAT interference management
  • Fast and accurate geolocation
  • Real-time signal cancellation
Monics Family Overview

A Trusted Provider in Satellite and Space Industry

Industry Leadership

Protect against costly RF interference

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