Transport RF signals over any distance and any IP network

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Transport RF spectrum reliably over lossy IP networks

SpectralNet Diagram

Green check Centralize ground system operations

Green check Mitigate rain fade and assure service delivery

Green check Enable new backup and disaster recovery scenarios

Green check Locate antennas in most cost-effective areas

Green check Virtualize ground segment signal processing

Green check Support new services with optimal equipment placement

Transport RF signals without degradation

  • Digitize up to 500MHz of RF spectrum
  • Enhance resilience and redundancy with N:1 failover
  • Preserves both frequency and timing characteristics through the analog to digital conversion
  • Improved VITA 49 integration enhances interoperability, maintainability and upgradability
SpectralNet WideBand 1U Front Panel

Digital IF: On-ramp to the ground station in the cloud

Digital IF provides an on-ramp to digital transformation and the first step towards successfully leveraging IP networking and cloud adoption. Together, SpectralNet and DataDefender enable this RF to IP conversion and help assure that signals are reliably received at their final destination - even over impaired network links.

These digital IF products deliver:

  • lower costs
  • more flexible software-based processing
  • improved resilience
  • enhanced test and troubleshooting
  • reduced vulnerability

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Digital IF: On-ramp to the ground station in the cloud

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Crossing the RF Over IP Chasm
Crossing the RF Over IP Chasm
Overcome Interference & Rain Fade
Overcoming Interference and Rain Fade


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