Satellite Ground Cross Domain Solution

Kratos CyberC4:Guard is a point-to-point Cross Domain Solution (CDS) enabling secure command and status of satellite ground equipment across security domains, supporting integrated satellite operations.


Cyber C4:Guard provides cross-domain isolation at the PL3 and PL4 levels for control centers that utilize the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) and/or dedicated remote tracking stations.

The CyberC4:Guard seamlessly integrates with existing operational systems and new architectures that utilize Kratos GEMS command and status protocol. Utilizing CyberC4:Proxy, no changes to the front-end equipment or to the operational software are required. This capability represents significant savings in regression testing, documentation, operational procedures, training, and logistics. CyberC4:Guard supports SNMP Trap & XML schema validation, is extensible, and can be tailored to support 3rd party satellite ground equipment.


  • Seamless retrofit to operational programs using T400/T500/T501s/vFEPs/vGTWs
  • Supports SNMP Traps, GEMS XML, XML formatted AFSCN ADCCP messages
  • Same core rule set supports multiple programs


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